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Our company Propeller was established in 2004, and in the meantime, we have become one of the leading event management companies in Lithuania.

Our activities are based on simple but meaningful concepts that reflect our values:

Passion for work: we are passionate about what we do and always walk an extra mile to deliver great events to you.

Professionalism: we adhere to the highest standards of business ethics, accumulate knowledge and upgrade our qualification.

Responsibility: our cooperation is based on mutual trust, while social responsibility and respect for others, the society and the environment are our underlying values.

Innovation: we continuously innovate in order to offer you radiant and original ideas and use advanced working tools and methods when working.

Your event will be

Corporate Events

Summer festivities

Assemblies, congresses

Team building

Training events

Birthdays, anniversaries

Christmas and other winter events

Themed events

Online events

We do not like repetitive scenarios, therefore no two event design samples that we offer are the same. Wide imagination is the driving force of our work. For a successful event, we will offer you unconventional spaces, innovative activities and unique solutions.

Public Events



Commemorations and public holiday events

City, town festivities

Sport festivals

We are here to surprise you: from an official commemoration to an open-air festival attracting thousands of people.

Marketing Events

Opening events of new buildings and other objects

Product and services launch events

Representational events

Promotional events, BTL activities

Fundraisers, charity events

Our long-lasting experience and quality service as well as challenging solutions are part of our daily routine.


Business meetings

Inducement events, trips

Conferences and congresses

Functions, VIP events

International and national events

We will arrange for powerful projectors, LED screens, simultaneous interpretation services, will meet your VIP guests, take care of participant registration, Gala dinners, while you will be able to simply enjoy the process!

Our Services

  • Having set your expectations and your previous experience clear, we will develop and present the concept of your event. We do not like being repetitive, therefore we will offer you unique solutions in line with the values and communication strategy of your organization and specific objectives of your event. Creativity, colourful and innovative solutions and their implementation are part of our daily routine.

  • At the outset of our cooperation, we will draft an estimate within the limits of your budget. We want you to see a concrete deliverable and be able to manage it. During long years of experience, we have developed effective budget optimisation tools to help us achieve the result that exceeds your expectations.

  • For us, an event is not a form of entertainment but rather a professional project in the course of which we apply effective project management and time planning tools. Our methods of task planning help us save your precious time.

  • Going digital with document flows, the integration of participant registration into social projects, waste sorting and other measures reflect our social responsibility towards society and environment. We invite your organisation to join us in this journey.

  • In cooperation with professional graphic designers, we will be able to offer you visual and decor solutions reflecting the mood and objectives of your event, from the event’s logo, screen saver, notepad and ballpoint pen, to a cheerful step-and-repeat banner or an impressive visualisation on the screen.

  • We start creating the mood of the event from the very moment of the announcement of the event’s date. We will offer you to switch from paper invitations to unconventional communication means revealing event publicity messages. Welcoming videos with performers, messages melting in ice lumps or unexpected hints will not only attract participants but will also keep them interested till the very day of the event.

  • Fully aware that the number of participants is extremely important in the process of event organisation, we will ensure a smooth and effective participant registration process. We have well-proven tools and will offer them to our clients, which will help us optimise your budget and ensure a smooth event.

  • An event scenario is more than a document with an outlined programme. You will be informed about all the relevant elements of preparation and implementation. We aim at surprising even those who have seen a lot!

  • We will quickly find the most appropriate venue for your event to suit your needs. If you have already had your events at hotel conference rooms or arenas, we will offer you an undiscovered space in Lithuania or elsewhere. A striking space is our strength.

  • Having analysed the specifics, programme and musical preferences of every event, we will not only offer you the most popular performers from Lithuania or abroad, but will also discover new talents and will prepare outstanding performances by your colleagues!

  • The professional suppliers we cooperate with are capable of more than taking care of your VIP function, they can even cater for a crowd of thousands! An energizing coffee break, a BBQ lunch, a Gala dinner or a picnic in the rye field, you name it ‒ we are ready to turn your dining activity into an interactive part of your event.

  • We will carefully select the most suitable entertainment form for your event, or we will create one ourselves! We are dedicated to uniqueness, at any time, at any place!

  • We will take care of smooth and safe transportation of your event’s participants both in Lithuania and from the remotest corners of the world. We will provide the most convenient means of transport and routes, and, if need arises, will guarantee a place to stay.

  • Innovative technological solutions ‒ that is what we always require from our partners, therefore we will offer you all the equipment necessary to develop convenient infrastructure at your event.

  • It’s a smile that your guests will be greeted with from the very first moment of your event, which will, rest assured, stay on our faces throughout the whole event, even when dealing with arising issues. Together with a strong team of our assistants, we will make sure that the issues arising are few, and the event goes smoothly and is of high-quality.

  • We will make use of effective solutions for event evaluation and will invite you to discuss the results over a cup of coffee.

Our Clients

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